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Heart shaped egg: make your egg unique


This heart shape or peach shape silicone egg cooker makes your egg attractive and fashionable.



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Easy to release, non stick


After the egg boiled, just put the silicone egg cooker into cold water to cool down for 5 minute, then you can release the egg easily wihout stick.



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FDA: food grade sefty


This silicone egg cooker is made of food grade silicone material. Does not contain BPA, PVC, lead and other toxins.




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High Temperature Resistant


This silicone egg cooker can bear high temperature. It won't give off toxic object in high temperature.
This silicone part can bear as high as 240 degree. The PP part lid can bear as high as 150 degree.



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Multi-colors option


You can customized the color of lids.This silicone egg cooker will gives a new look.



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Instruction Guide

Structures of silicone egg cooker

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Step 1:

Wash the silicone egg cooker, paint the inner egglette wall with little oil , please don't miss any of the innner surface, otherwise, the egg may be stuck in the missed area.


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Step 2:

Crack an egg into the silicone egg cooker.

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Step 3:

Put the silicone egg cooker into boiling water for about 10 to 15minutes. If you close the pan lid, it only takes you 10minutes, if without pan lid, please keep boiling for 15minutes.

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Step 4:

Take the silicone egg cooker out of boiling water after it is cooked. Put the egglette into cold water or ice water to cool the egg down. After 5 minutes, release the egg out of the silicone egg cooker.


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Step 5:

Enjoy the heart shape egg


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Unique Designed Premium Retail package

silicone egg cooker (9).jpg Premium retail package not only protects the product, but also helps our clients to distribute the products in faster way.